Your financing advisory partner.

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When your business is growing, company reorganization, funding and economy are critical functions. Their successful execution requires time and expertise. Partogo helps you to carry out them efficiently and productively while you focus on your core business.

Partogo’s services are flexible and always customized to fulfill your needs. We at Partogo work from an entrepreneur’s point of view. We’ll find the funding with the best terms and provide tailored CFO services suited to your needs.

Partogo’s advisory services include one-off projects and as well as continuous services. Long-term partnership is preferable, as it allows both partners to react rapidly to new challenges and eventual problems.

yrityskaupatMergers and Acquisitions

Partogo manages mergers and acquisition processes. A typical project is helping an entrepreneur sell a business unit or the whole company.

The service includes:

  • overall process management
  • valuation
  • creation of the sales brochure
  • contacting buyer candidates
  • support during negotiations

The final task is to prepare the sales contract.



Partogo’s funding services includes all fields of financing, whether it’s equity, loan or grant. Partogo is an independent player helping a customer to find the right investor, financier or public instrument to fulfill the need.

The process is usually the following:

  • creating an investor/financier presentation and financial reports
  • creating a funding plan
  • finding the suitable investors/financiers
  • support in contract negotiations


talousjohtaminen-1CFO services

One of the Partogo´s services is a part time CFO, which is a flexible way to organize the company’s financial administration. A seasoned expert creates financial reports and analyses, which help you in forecasting and especially in decision making. Our expert also helps you in developing more efficient, accurate and reliable business processes.

Partogo provides CFO services for example in the following fields:

  • management reporting
  • budgeting and forecasting (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow)
  • product and profitability calculations
  • development of financial processes